Blue sky!

Oh,I didn't wright about a COYOTE,yesterday.
I found a coyote at Point Reyes.It looked like between fox and wolf.
It's fine day,today.I walked School(Laura's dog) with her.And bought some food at grocery store for today's and tomorrow's lunch.
Laura dropped me at Golden Gate Park and she went to another place for painting.
I walked around the park for 5 hours.Then I went to the beach to see sunset.

I changed the setting of this blog before I left Japan.
But it doesn't work well.I can't comment,too.
Neko san, you are so smart! You found that put some Japanese make sence.I can't type any Japanese here,though.
Commented by NEKO at 2008-02-05 18:54 x
Even if I watch a COYOTE, I may not somewhat understand it….
You walk well, but how is condition of a foot?
You would watch beautiful sunset. I look forward to a photograph.
Setting is disappointing with much effort though you changed it. But there is no problem because a report is readable.
Commented by micchan at 2008-02-09 00:00 x
>Even if I watch a COYOTE, I may not somewhat understand it….

So do I....(^^;
I can deeply understand your confusion with what not to use Japanese for typing. But, you could make sense in English, and I found you are enjoying fantastic city.
Looking forward to your next story and take care!!
by akanezumi1984 | 2008-02-05 14:19 | つぶやき | Comments(2)


by akanezumi1984