Laura's apartment

It was terrible weather yesterday.But we enjoyed Muir Woods and wetland on the way to Point Reyes.Just we got wet...nurenezumi.
We stayed nice hotel near the park.
It was really changeable weather today.Rain,shine,rain,shine...It suddenly change!
But much better than yesterday.
We saw many birds,elks and elepant seals! No whales,though.
It's hard to see whales now.They migrate 2 miles off shore now.Too far to see them from land.Best time is March.Mothers with babies migrate near the shore to avoid killer whales and sharks.
We met my friend's daughter Laura who lives inSan Francisco.And I stay at her apartment now.With cute dog and a cat!
I cant read any Japanese here.Thank you for english comment! I appreciate ROMA-Ji,too.
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Even a rainbow was the weather that seemed to come out.
Though a whale was not seen and was disappointed with you, it was good to enjoy it well!
I wait for a next report.
By the way, I cannot comment unless I put Japanese. Did you know it?

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Imagined it was soooooooo cold there. Take care of yourself.

By the way, I think it's better the rainy day in Muir Woods than the shiny. The moss in woods looked healthier with rain and fog, and so mysterious atmosphere. Woooow, I'm in jealous you are in Bay Area!!!! Anyway, enjoy your time. ;-)

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